The first seed!

If you haven’t gone through my previous post, you might find yourself somewhat lost. If you wish to read my older post check out here.

Don’t worry if you are unaware of Quantum Physics, you can still understand the gist of this post if you have experience of fine tuning the radio or a TV channel!

The seed was already sown in my mind when the monk, called the Spirituality a Science and related it to Quantum Physics. Unfortunately as I didn’t pay heed while he spoke, I missed how he related them! Nevertheless, thinking and reasoning power mixed with the power of imagination I could figure out something. This post is dedicated to the outcome of that mixture. Though I’m not sure about the accuracy of the outcome, I mean to say, I’m not sure whether this is what the monk meant, yet this satisfied me. (If you are aware of the actual fact or a different perspective, please share it in the comments section below. I would be glad to hear it from you😃)

So as I was thinking about the relation between the two Sciences, the scenario explained by my professor who handled the subject, Quantum Physics knocked the doors of my mind. He had spoke about how the world would look if it was supposed to be a Quantum World!

I remember him saying that- in Quantum World we all would look like waves. Each wave associated with amplitude and certain frequency. So if I want to speak to anyone I should probably know the amplitude and frequency associated with the wave of that person, else it would be hard to identify the right wave in the Quantum World! 

Now using the power of imagination try to visualise this. If we could see waves, for naked eyes all the waves would look almost the same though they are with different amplitude and frequency, it’s like identifying the right twin in the real world. (By real world, I mean the world in which we exist, the way it appeaes to us)

Combining this with the story of ‘Discovery of Sciences’ as narrated by the monk, (which I had mentioned in the previous blog) which said the destination is the Spiritual Science, gave rise to the thought- How would the world look if it was a Spiritual World?

While pondering upon this, I saw one of my relative playing with the old radio, he was tuning it to his favourite radio station. When the frequency matched, a clear voice was heard, untill then it was only noise. This lit the bulb of intelligence! 

It said – since Spirituality is the destination, like radio and the way old TV channels used to be fine tuned, may be by fine tuning the Quantum World we get the Spiritual World!

This made some sense to me. Again with the power of imagination try to visualise this- what happens by fine tuning the Quantum World?

May be all the waves that are of different amplitude and frequency get fine tuned to form something similar to wave but, may be all waves with same amplitude and frequency! These fine tuned waves in the Spiritual World might posses equal energy, power, they might look all alike. So here in this world it might be harder to differenciate one fine tuned wave with another than that in the Quantum World!

I had heard that in Spirituality there exists something called soul! May be this fine tuned wave is what is referred to as a soul(all souls are alike). If you are one among those who don’t believe in souls, don’t name it as soul for now. Let’s call it a potential energy, a stored energy.

Since atoms are indivisible and things in the world can be divided untill we get this indivisible atoms, likewise does everything in the world lead to Spiritual Science? Is everything converging towards it? Or are they diverged from that single source, Spiritual Science?

Ponder over it!!

 With these few thoughts I started pondering upon various topics, to add colourful feathers and wings to this, inorder to make the bird called knowledge fly high in the sky all over the world with a wish to see more colourful birds coming out where ever my bird left its feather😊

That’s how my bird is being formed too, from the feathers left by birds of great people in the world!

Feel free to add some more colourful feathers to my bird by sharing your thoughts, as and when you find the roots in topics of your interest. I shall collect it from the comments section😃

The Quest of Truth!  -How it began?

It was that morning when I was listening to a speech being delivered by a monk! Though physically present I was mentally absent. The topic was of least interest to me as it was going over my head. But, the next word he said pulled my mind back to the place. He was speaking something about Quantum Physics.

That was the time I was doing my Bachelor’s of Engineering and had the subject, Quantum Physics which I found hard to understand. I was surprised to hear this word from a monk and heard to him with utmost attention.

He was relating it to Spirituality! 

He narrated a story which said that, people started their journey inorder to discover Spiritual Science (He called it a Science!) On their way, they found various other Sciences that exist in the world today. And most of them halted there, trying to know more about these Sciences and forgot their true destination, the Spiritual Science, yet few of them continued and discovered Spiritual Science.

This caused various thoughts to sprout in my mind- if the story is true, then the Spiritual Science must be more complex to understand than the woldly Sciences. And if worldly Sciences are getting upgarded day by day, there must be lot more to know about Spiritual Science.

Later what I felt was, Science is accompained with reasoning and if Spirituality is a Science, there must be reasons behind its phenomena too. Then poped the second thought – can this be a reality? Does such things really exist?

Meanwhile the story that I had read in my childhood, knocked the doors of my mind. The story goes like this- 

There lived two frogs, one in a small well and another in a huge river. Once it so happened that the river’s frog fell in the well. (Haha, don’t ask me how, that’s left to the reader’s power of imagination) So, the two frogs met for the first time and the well’s frog enquired the river’s frog-

      Where are you from?

       I’m from the river, it’s a very big place.


After a huge leap, well’s frog continued,

    Is your river this big?

    No! It’s bigger than that.

Taking different number of leaps, well’s frog repeated its question. The river’s frog, tired of answering decided to take it to the river. And it’s only after looking at the river, the well’s frog, which had never been out of its dwelling, understood how big the river really was.

This realized that untill I discover and get some experiences, I might not understand what Spiritual Science really is. Like the well’s frog understanding about the river, when it actually experienced it.

It’s from then a part of my mind was constantly trying to find some clues about this Science of Higher Order. This gave me a newer perspective in variety of topics! And I started feeling very strongly that, the things in this world are moving towards one thing. This in turn gave rise to a question- Are things converging? Or may be the reality is that everything is diverged from a single source, which is extremely powerful.

 Thus began the quest of Truth!

I would be glad to hear from your side. Share your similar experiences which gave you a new perspective, a new way of thinking that helped you to look at the other side of the picture 😃                        

I shall look forward to read them in the comment section.