Hey this is Poornima V, founder of Techospi, a mobile training institute.

Welcome to my website and thank you for being here.

Under the name of Techospi, I provide such a training, at your place that sculpts life and thus enhances the standard of living.

After a few years of intense research, I have summed it up into 4 modules, that covers all the necessary things required to raise the standard of living. Here they are:
1. Are you Free?
2. Dare to dream and design your Destiny! – All you need is a bunch of creativity and a pinch of courage.
3. Become a leader! – Not to lead the world but to lead yourself.
4. Have you tuned your WATCH?

You can hire me if you can arrange a minimum of 20 participants.

For further details and to book the dates, you can mail to techospi@gmail.com