Hello! Welcome to my website and thank you for being here.

Techospi is a mobile institute that conducts personality development and educational programs in its own unique style.

It was formed on the foundational thought that, ‘Right education is one stop solution for all the problems in the world’. In this regard, various modules are created in order to provide an insight on creating the life that one desires, it explains about different layers of life; the focus on which is very important, but somewhere it is missing in the current lifestyle. A module to focus more on creative thinking is also designed.

Some of the services offered are:
1. Sculpting Life
2. The 5 Quotient Lifestyle
3. Charge up
4. A living book
5. Action talks

For more details and to book the services reach out to me. You can find the details in the contact page.

About Poornima V:

– Did Telecommunication Engineering at PESIT, Bengaluru.
– Have working experience as an Engineer in top companies like Bharat Electronics Limited and Robert Bosch
– Authored 2 books, “The Master – Enlighting the inner self” and “Journey from heart to pen”
– Founder at Techospi, an institute that conducts various educational programs and personality development sessions.
– A thinker, a blogger, a motivational speaker and a freelance personal coach, especially for students.
– Trained around 100+ students on personality development and have conducted educational workshops across Bengaluru both offline and online.