Her Love

     This is a story of a young pretty girl. She had many people around her, in her life, yet was too lonely. She had lost the battle even before she could begin. She had lost all hopes. She had almost given up. It was then, He entered her life. He promised to support her. She promised to live.

She struggled, fought bravely with herself, made herself very hard. She could do this only because He was with her. Irrespective of what people said she never gave up. 
He kept on encouraging her. He kept on guiding her. She restrained herself from choosing the corrupt path. The way a gold becomes lustrous by the heat of a fire, she became strong by facing all the hurdles that He laid in her path. 

This never lowered her love for Him nor she lost trust in him, for she knew that He loves her more than what she did and He was just training her to face the world, for which he turned out to be a tough task master at times.

She became stronger and stronger day by day. Though she appeared happy to the world, she had hidden deep agony in her heart. She succeeded in hiding her real self from the world, though she didn’t want to do so!

She ran from people, forced herself to enjoy her own company, tried to believe that she need no one, forced herself to stay detached from the world. She hid herself from the world.

While the reality was, she wanted to enjoy with people, she wished to fly high in the blue sky making ring out of snowy clouds, she wanted to dance with the birds, wanted to hang-out, loved traveling and meeting new friends!

Then why did she do that to herself? 

Because she feared getting hurt. She feared losing people permanently. She had lost trust in the world except for Him. She was not left with that strength anymore. 

She was sad that she was successful in killing her true self. He alone was her source of happiness. Was that good or bad, was she angry or in pain, she would always rush to Him, for He was the only person with whom she could speak her heart. 

He was a good listener, listened to her patiently, no matter she repeated it thousand times, for He could understand her deep emotions behind every word she uttered.

He felt happy in her happiness.

He grew violent when tears rolled out of her eyes, in agony.

He knew how exactly to change her mood.

For He had a magical weapon- LOVE!

He said – you still posses that strength and she knew that’s true. She didn’t want to accept it, as she wanted Him to be her support all the time, no matter she posses that strength.

She was tired, fighting the unseen war. She was running away from herself. She thought, she has lost her delicacy, her soft heart. 

But then He played a game! How could He allow her to shatter down? Yes, He played an unforgettable game. She realised that her soft nature still exists, which she thought, she succeeded in killing it. This realization filled her heart with unbound happiness. She regained a hope in her life. 

This game gave her a clear picture of Him. 
She remembered the truth that He had always been with her from the time when she knew nothing about Him. She believed His existence, before, she thought He was her imagination, as He never came in front of her. She could only hear His voice, feel Him, but never saw Him, every time He communicated with her.

From then she started to discover the other side of her, with a wish to meet Him as soon as possible, for He had promised to come to her. She prepared herself to live with him.

He who always guided her by giving right knowledge at the right time,

trained her like a guru,

introduced her to the strength within her. 

He who supported her all the time, 

He who understood her very well, 

He who cared for her, 

He who loved her more than anyone could do.

She said- You are my life. I can’t live without You. I can’t even imagine my life without You. You mean everything to me. You are my life. Oh God, please come real as soon as possible. I’m waiting for You since years! Please, come soon, I need You. I am incomplete without You.

She kept on waiting, never lost her hopes. Finally one day He gave her a signal. She wrote- 

The morning rays of the sun that touched the ground, 

The warmth that it created when it fell on me,

made me feel your presence on this earth.

The warm breeze that blew today morning 

murmured your messages in my ears,

The vast blue sky adorned with the white 

clouds here and there,

 told me that they saw you.

My heart danced with the rays of the sun 

that came from in between the trees, 

While the breeze, 

the rustling leaves, the bees and the birds 

played the music.

The vast sky witnessed my happiness,

Mother earth gave me the power

 to hear your footsteps,

And i could hear them moving towards me,

They all said,

Wait is about to end!

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2 thoughts on “Her Love

  1. Chiranth July 22, 2017 / 6:18 am

    So, the so-called she is you…..The ultimate goal..To find happiness

    Liked by 1 person

    • Poornima V July 22, 2017 / 6:33 am

      Not exactly that’s not me…her identity shall be revealed in my future posts….

      Liked by 1 person

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