A guest post by Mr. Shivshankar Rao

Pessimists consider life empty, men hopeless, situations tragic and circumstances diabolically against them.     

It is bad to complain, groan and sob at life buried in one’s own imaginary sorrows and defeats.     
To be successful, one should have both enthusiasm to work and good sense to wait.     

SHRADDHAA AND SABOORI  are the two basic requirements.
Life expresses itself in action. Actions may vary from man to man. These may be classified under three groups.    

1. Working for personal gains – a labourer.

2. Working for an ideal – a worker. 

3. Working for achievement –saints and seers.

Men of fulfillment, by practice and precept try to lead mankind to live an ideal life. So, we should not merely become labourers and workers, but should seek self fulfillment through actions.
Work is inevitable and while working we get tired soon. But this tiredness is not the result of physical exertion. In most cases, it is because of mental tension and exhaustion. This is more likely to be the result of having no goal to aspire for.    

If we surrender ourselves to a great goal, we invariably find new enthusiasm and energy. If it is not properly channeled, it stagnates or gets dissipated through unproductive activity.

There are three dangerous paths of dissipation of energy and enthusiasm.     
The first one refers to the regrets of the past. If by past experiences, one has not achieved great heights, it does not mean that he cannot succeed in another attempt. 
There are several instances when a student who has not got even an ordinary first class earlier has come out with flying colours in the next examination achieving the first rank.
Again, there should not be too much of anxiety for the future.     

If a student expects first rank and finds that the question paper is tough he may not be able to write satisfactorily even to pass. One should therefore maintain mental equanimity.
Lastly, there should not be too much of excitement in the present. Maintaining composure and self confidence, one can hope to succeed even under difficult situations.    

One should remember that a life without a purpose and manliness is not worth living.


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