I wish to see my dream come alive,
Dream to fulfill every other dream,
Dreamt by all those beautiful souls.

Dream to give hope to the hopeless,
Inspiring them,
To become an inspiration.

Dream to safeguard them,
Their true self; their childhood,
From the cruelty around.

Not by giving them shelter,
But by an art of self acceptance,
And the power of pure love.

Dream to fill their eyes with magic,
And give them the power,
To create their destiny.

Give them a new perspective,
Of looking at all things around and within,
Knowing the ultimate truth.

Give them the magical words,
Dare to dream,
And design your destiny.

All you need is,
A bunch of creativity,
And a pinch of courage.
                                              ~ Poornima V

All the image credits goes to Deepika V ( drawn by her)

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook


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