About Techospi

Techospi is a mindshift training hub, that was formed on the foundational thought that, “Right Education is one stop solution for all the problems in the world!”.

It’s an amalgamation of two terms, Technology and Spirituality.

Here Spirituality represents heart, meaning, it refers to the act of being kind to all the fellow creatures, all the empathetic activities, and the art of understanding.

Whereas, Technology represents brain, referring to the importance of the art of questioning, analysing and then concluding.

The balance is what is required!

We focus on conditioning the mind first and then enable the brain with techniques to lead a successful life.

So that the mind never blocks our path with 1000s of reasons when we focus on achieving our goals and dreams, on the other hand, the brain doesn’t get drowned in pride on reaching the peak.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people achieve a holistic lifestyle of freedom and success.

We Enable people to become Independent and Powerful in all terms, physically, financially and emotionally.

So that we can help each other get a good livelihood, become better humans and create a beautiful world to live together.

“The World grows with you!

The Logo represents Transformation!

It is a combination of Dragonfly, Lotus and Water.

Water represents life and hope. Lotus symbolises enlightenment and regeneration. Dragonfly refers to self-realization and transformation.

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