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Hey, all the readers out there, hope everything’s going good in your life, if you don’t think so, trust me, after every dark night there comes a glowing morning!☺

Far away on the land of Bharath (India), there lives a beautiful heart like the rest in the world. The little heart believed the world to be the holiest place and all the people on earth, the holy ones. As it grew up, it experienced the wild forest amidst the holy land. Then the challenge was twofold. The heart had to grow stronger to face the wildest of all; wolves and foxes. It was scared that someday it’ll turn heartless living amidst the wild. For the struggling to protect the delicacy of the heart, the existence of lovely rabbits, deers, butterflies and the mighty lions and tigers, the holy cows, loyal and trustworthy dogs and others provided immense support.

Inculcating the qualities of all creatures; the courage from lions and tigers, the innocense from cows, alertness from cats, loyalty from dogs, pride and confidence from peacock, the heart also learnt the need for cruelty from wolves and politics from fox. And may be this is what makes human a social animal with added intelligence.

With all these the heart’s goal is not to allow the cruelty and politics that rose from brain to suppress the heartly qualities like kindness, unselfishness and being helpful that resides in every human. It want to set a language of love and happiness.

It want to be a Santa and give happiness to the world, be a Jack Frost and teach people how having fun reduces most of our problems and also to fight and win against the nightmares, be the Sandman to make mind creative enough to dream and let people know how beautiful does life become when eyes are filled with dreams, and become a fairy to help them live their dreams and tell them the magical words- “Dare to dream and design your destiny; all you need is a bunch of creativity and a pinch of courage 🙂

And finally at last become Krishna who is the combination of all these- the giver of happiness, gives beautiful dreams to those who have lost hopes in life and as a fairy fulfills all their dreams, brings in fun in the lifes of people and also gives enormous knowledge about right and wrong, protects the righteous and destroys the evil.

And the owner of this heart is Poornima V 😃. This dream, of my little heart can be lived only by all your support and good wishes, as it want to safeguard the heartly emotions of every other heart in this world, and you know how huge the world is! I need your help in this, protect your heart, don’t allow the kindness, unselfishness, helpfulness and love to die. Express those emotions whole heartedly and you get back it thousandfold and also help others not to lose their heart.

In this blog I want to make an effort to put the journey of my heart in the form of words. Hope you like it ☺

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