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Look For The Story!

It was in the year 2020, in the month of August, the pile of painful emotions that had got stacked up in my little heart, since the year 2001 finally burnt me into ashes!

It had put me into a state where I was literally unable to utter a word, my throat hurt like hell.

It was not because of any physically injury but of emotional explosion! All my hope had sunk, and I stood aghast, not sure how to face life next!

It was then that it reminded me of what my mother had once told me in 2018, when my life was stuck in the past and I was finding it hard to digest and live without someone whose little princess I was.

My mother, held both my hands and said, you have pain in one hand and happiness in other. Here after how your life is going to be depends on what you choose.

In the year 2020, the month of December, I realised how life becomes easy and simple, when you Live by Choice!

It’s not so easy to forget a dreadful past! So why force yourself? Be kind to yourself and just make peace with life!

I made a choice, not, to forget the past, but to make peace with it!

Then the Universe opened the doors of miracles in my life! Everything that I wanted started appearing in front of me! That’s the power of emotions and the intentions!

The story of an Oyster, which was part of my school day’s moral subject, the way an oyster converts irritation into pearl, keeps me motivated! After all, Life is filled with ups and downs.

All the decades long abuses, criticism, judgement, loneliness, emotional traumas, I was finally freed from all of these, just by taking my first step towards making an emotional shift!

I started looking for the story and created my own new self, and now leading the life of my choice!

I very well understand how it feels when the past haunts your present and blocks your future! I understand the pain that comes along with the traumas! I understand how our emotions affects our progress! Hence I founded an “Emotional Independence Tribe”

I had been conducting personality development trainings since 2017, and now in addition to that, with the new version of me, I have founded this tribe, with the intention to enable more people to lead a holistic life of success and freedom by applying Emotional Intelligence!

“Own Your Life By Owning Your Emotions!”

My Blog Posts!

Here I write all the random thoughts from across my life in the form of poetries, stories or just a post! Feel free to read them and I’d love to hear from you.

Story Quest!

Who doesn’t enjoy stories? Stories are the best way to achieve longer attention span! And also they talk to one’s heart…

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Worry not what the world saysThe person that incurred lossShall keep thy integrity at stake Powerless is what you becomeAnd that’s the whole idea of thoseAllow not that to happen to thee Raise like a phoenix as alwaysWhen the time demands for itNever you give up on yourself! – Poornima V

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