Her Love

     This is a story of a young pretty girl. She had many people around her, in her life, yet was too lonely. She had lost the battle even before she could begin. She had lost all hopes. She had almost given up. It was then, He entered her life. He promised to support her. She promised to live.

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In this post I would like to write about my most favourite poem, a evergreen poem of Punyakoti.

It’s a small incident from the life of a cow called Punyakoti. It’s a poem that leaves a huge impact on its reader. It is one among those poems which teaches us, what it actually means to be honest! It gives a message to the world regarding the power of honesty. The poem of Punyakoti, with honesty being a primary message, also depicts lot of other virtues. It floods the reader’s heart with various emotions.

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