This summer join us along with your families, from the comfort of your home as we narrate you various stories ranging from science based stories to inspirational stories.


A perfect ice breaker for parents and grandparents. A fun filled tour to the world of stories to the kids at home and the kid within you!


What we do in the Story Quest Funshop?

5 Modules 10 days 10hrs
  • Build Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Develop Positive Intelligence
  • Handle Emotions like anger, fear, stress
  • Learner type based Revision Methodology for Academic Excellence
  • Learn the importance of Collaboration and Networking
  • Develop skills like Decision Making, Resilience, Persistence, Gratitude and much more
  • Magic of Science
  • Build Personal and Social Responsibility

Watch our demo session!

We use stories and games to educate kids and make them fall in love with learning!

Stories help them to understand and remember the lessons for longer time. This is how Hima B V, a 5yr old kid explained us about the concepts that she remebered from our demo session!


Read our client reviews as they share the changes they saw in the kids

Students sharing their feedback about the Story Quest session


  • Your child will develop interest in regular academics
  • Your child will be resilient enough to face the tough times boldly and bounce back with great valour and strength
  • Your child will stay motivated and shall handle stress, anger, pain in a matured way
  • Your child makes better decisions instead of running away or taking any serious negative actions
  • Your child develops positive curiosity and stays away from negative habits or addictions as they grow up.
  • Your child learns important business skills like collaboration and networking from an early age
  • Your child will achieve better academic excellence by adapting to various revision methodologies that suits his/her learner type
  • Your child will be able to handle his/her fears and overcome them with minimum external support
  • Your child learns to communicate to you his/her challenges in a better way and seeks your expert advice rather than staying depressed
  • Your child knows well how to control his/her anger and respond with empathy

Detailed split up of each day syllabus:


At a cost lesser than that of a saree, get access to your child’s long term growth by joining our Story Quest Funshop!

Make Payment–> Join our Summer Camp Whats app Group –> Enjoy live story session along with your family

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