What is Life?

Life is a book filled with plane sheets, and you alone are the author of this book. 

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Conserving the power for higher purpose

Most of our difficulties in our daily life come from being unable to hold our minds… Every reaction in the form of hatred or evil is so much loss to the mind; and every evil thought or deed of hatred, or any thought of reaction, if it is controlled, will be laid in our favour… Each time we control hatred, or a feeling of anger, it is so much good energy stored up in our favour; that piece of energy will be converted into the higher powers.

                          – Swami Vivekananda

Make right decisions, don’t waste your energy on unecessary arguements. You need not prove yourself to anyone. Keep preparing. Only you know what you are up to! People might call that a failure, but only you know that it’s the first successful step towards your goal. 

There are a lot of examples in the past, who the world called failures, but they turned out to become famous personalities and now the same world, which then regarded them as worthless, uses the contributions of those great people😃 

Only you know how near you are towards your goal. Just believe in yourself and conserve your energy for that big goal. The world automatically believes as well respects you when you achieve it!

Have a good day🙂