Her Love

She was a princess, who spent her childhood with her grandfather. She kept loving Him since her childhood. She was married to a king. Though her entire family hated her love for Him, the king respected her love towards Him. 

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In this post I would like to write about my most favourite poem, a evergreen poem of Punyakoti.

It’s a small incident from the life of a cow called Punyakoti. It’s a poem that leaves a huge impact on its reader. It is one among those poems which teaches us, what it actually means to be honest! It gives a message to the world regarding the power of honesty. The poem of Punyakoti, with honesty being a primary message, also depicts lot of other virtues. It floods the reader’s heart with various emotions.

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Mother!- who is she?

Mother, being the highest position in a company called life, is given the highest respect which shall never be given to anyone else. She is treated equal to the Almighty. The ancient story says thus, in the praise of a Mother – God can’t be present everywhere hence he created a Mother!

She takes a formal charge as a Mother ( since the motherly affection exists in the heart of every woman, here I use the word formal ), the moment her child begins life in her womb. She pays heed to what she is thinking about, what she consumes, she cares about the environment she lives in, the kind of people she mingles with, what she hears to, what she speaks about, she’ll be very cautious about her physical and mental health, as all these would affect the growth of her child.

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